Stem Resources

Here are some Excellent Stem Resources

Mosa Mack - Best for 4th through 8th grade. Students watch a mystery and participate in collaborative problem solving.
Nasa Global Climate Change - Articles, videos, images of climate change. 
Prepmagic - Science made real. Visual real world science examples can be created and viewed.
Biointeractive - Access to scientific research and articles.
PBS Nova - Videos on science topics.
Koantum - Excellent site with very kid friendly lessons including interactive video, experiments. Students create password and can work on at own pace. 
Lawrence Hall of Science - Fun science games and activities.
Project Noah - This site has short wildlife descriptions. But, if you join, you can add to the sightings of animals found.
California Academy of Science - Articles, webcams, and videos to explore science.
The Kids Should See This - Weekly videos on various topics of design and engineering.

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