Friday, November 2, 2018

Digital Literacy

All classes have been focusing on Digital Literacy. We discuss internet safety and practice following rules for use of the internet.
TK and Kindergarten: Exploring on websites to learn new things. We spent time looking at the San Diego Zoo Kids website. We are discovering that going on a website is like a field trip. There are fun things to learn, but just like real field trips we have to be safe.
First Grade: What makes a website good for us? First graders are learning how to discover what makes a website perfect for them. What to watch out for and what to avoid. 
Second Grade: Texting etiquette. Second graders are learning to take care in what they write in notes to friends or relatives. We have to watch out for feelings and show we care about the way we write.
Third Grade: Cyberbullying. What is cyberbullying and how can we stop it? What to do if it happens to us.
Fourth Grade: The Power of Words: Words can hurt. We need to be careful about what we say on the internet. Fourth graders also learn what to do if bullying happens to them.
Fifth Grade: Digital Community. We are a digital community. As such we learn to follow norms so that the community functions well. This is an overview of all the rules we have learned about digital literacy and internet safety in all years.

Some great links to digital literacy websites:

Monday, October 8, 2018

Come in to the Media Center After School

The Media Center is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. Please stop by and find a favorite book to read. We are open until 2:25.
We are going to begin our internet safety lessons next week. Please remember that we cannot trust everything that we see online. Right now there is an internet hoax involving Facebook accounts. Most accounts are not being hacked, but people are getting the message that accounts are being cloned. This is mostly for the parents out there. Here is a link that shows what is happening and how to be sure that you are not a victim.
How to check Facebook Account

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Welcome Back to School

We are well into our second week at school and have been getting to know each other again. For many of us, school is an awesome place to be. However, there are a few kids that often feel left out or have a hard time making new friends. Don't forget to include them when you are doing games or activities. If you see someone on their own, take a moment to invite him or her to join you. You will make a new friend and won't regret doing so!
In the Media Center we have been revisiting the Specialist Rules. We are reminding ourselves how to care for chromebooks. Our chromebooks are brand new in the Media Center this year and we want to treat them well!
We will use the next couple of weeks to get to know each other. Students will be creating About Me slides in 3rd through 5th grades. First and Second grade students will be doing an About Me page.
After School Library Coming Soon!
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:05 to 2:20 beginning September 25th. Look forward to seeing you there!