Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Excitement in the Air

We are gearing up to beat the Guinness World Record for largest group of square dancers. Coaches Northcote and Crittendon have worked diligently along with Mr. DeSouza to create a strong square dancing program as they combine PE and Music. Here in the Media Center, we are learning about the Guinness Record and viewing the current record holders online. The kids are so thrilled to have this opportunity of a lifetime!

This has also been voting week for us. All students have had the opportunity to select their favorite children's picture book that is nominated for the California Young Reader Medal.  See selection to the left. The students have been very happy to be part of a democratic process.  What fun to be able to choose a book that may win an award!

Grade levels are also getting ready to start the report season. We are beginning to focus on Reference Resources such as Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Thesauri, etc. It's not the most entertaining topic, but it sure is fun to see children using Thesauri to find more exciting words... or should I say thrilling, amazing, breathtaking,,,.

As always keep reading and have fun!