Tuesday, March 15, 2016

March Madness

It is crazy in March, yet students are working happily in the Media Center! 
We began March Madness by voting for our favorite book.  March Book Madness has brackets in both picture book and chapter book categories.  Are students have been previewing books, trailers about books, and just sharing what we know to get out the vote for our favorites.  Winning books move forward in the brackets for the next round.
Fourth and Fifth Grades have been voting in the Middle Grade Book bracket.  First through Third grades have been choosing their favorite picture books. It is all really exciting!
Kindergarten students through second grade students are working on creating their own nonfiction books as well.  In Kindergarten and first grade they are writing about themselves.  In Second grade, they are choosing a topic that interests them.  They are learning about nonfiction text features and how useful they can be!
We are looking forward to some fun events!  The Science/Maker Fair is tonight (3/15/16). The world record breaking square dance is next week (3/25/16) and we have a week off too! (4/4-4/8).  Have fun and keep reading!