Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Free Interactive Books

Free Access to a Huge Selection of eBooks until January 15th
username: merry
password: lovetoread
 Website for online reading: www.mycapstonelibrary.com Sign in with Capstone Interactive
 Free iPad app that allows for offline reading: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/capstone-interactive/id858534837?mt=8
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Reading During Winter Break

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Internet Safety

Steve Jobs once said, "Computers themselves, and software yet to be developed, will revolutionize the way we learn."  Children are relying on computers for quick information on a daily basis. What may be more challenging is navigating their way through that information.  It is necessary to learn to avoid the garbage that is out there. Children often have a difficult time deciding what is truly valuable versus advertisements, fake websites, opinion blogs, and more. These last few weeks students have been learning what to look for and avoid on the internet.

Kindergarten students are learning that the internet is a place where we can learn about new worlds. But we need to remember to ask permission, say no if it doesn't feel right, and seek help. We have explored the academy of sciences and discovered different marine animals when learning how to find valuable information.

1st Grade students have been working toward understanding that there are different types of websites. Some are perfect for kids their age (Green Light Website). Some we may think are perfect, but need to ask to be sure (Yellow Light Website). And Some make us feel uncomfortable right away (Red Light Website).

2nd Grade students have been learning about phishing. There are people out there trying to get our personal information. Second grade has learned what is personal and who we should be sharing that with.

3rd Grade students are also learning about personal information and what is safe to share and what should not be posted online. They are learning to protect their own privacy as well as the privacy of others.

4th Grade students have been learning to be upstanders. They know it is important to stand up to cyberbullies. They won't allow themselves or their friends to be victimized online.

5th Grade students are learning to be a positive online community. Not only do they stand up to bullies, but they help to send a positive message by being a role model in their online choices.

All classes have been working well to become productive and smart online citizens.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Adventurous Learners

We are having a lot of fun discovering the Media Center and what it has to offer. 
Students in grades 3 through 5 have embarked on a game called "Escape From the Library". They have clues that lead them to a section of the library and then find a rebus clue leading to a word that is part of a phrase. The goal is to learn the sections of the library in a fun way. So far, the children are enjoying this game as they learn where to find many of our books!
Second Grade Students have learned Chromebook rules and have practiced how to use the devices.
First Grade Students are helping our naughty pigeon learn rules of the Media Center.

Next week, the kindergarten will begin their full day. I can't wait to meet them in the media center. 
All 2nd through 5th grade classes will begin to log into Google Classroom and join the Media Center class.
First grade will practice Chromebook rules. 

Have a great week!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Welcome Back

How exciting to see so many happy faces in the Media Center!  We started with a fun week.

All classes are remembering the Media Center rules. The third through fifth grade are doing this by playing a fun game of Kahoot.

Read alouds are always enjoyed. This week we are listening to The Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen:
and we are reading:

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Summer Reading!

Summer Time is approaching fast. One of the best things that you can do over the summer to stay ready for the next grade is to read.

Did you know that there are some amazing opportunities to read and win prizes? 📚

Here are some of the summer reading programs offering incentives:

When you're not reading, take advantage of free tickets through the Alameda County Library...
Alameda County Library Discover and Go Program Sign in with your library card and you will find free tickets or great discounts to museums, aquariums, zoos and so much more. 

Make summer a fun time. Read and Explore! 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Research Time is upon us!

This week we are gearing up for researching and learning new things. As 3rd through 5th grade begin testing, learning on the computer is something that they request to make the days enjoyable.
Kindergarten are enjoying books on CD. They are learning genres of stories and enjoying their experience checking out.
First, Second, and some Third grades are beginning research on insects. In first grade this just means learning how to find information in different sources and putting it together on a graphic organizer.  Second graders go the next step by transferring their information onto a poster and learning how to use word to add images. 

Some second grade classes will be using Google slides to make a presentation. Third grade is using what they learn and making a slide show that they will then present.

A few third grade classes are using Google Draw to create a book review poster.

Fourth grade are researching topics of their choice and creating a google slide show.

Fifth graders are working on a Google slide show or a Powtoons presentation about given states. They are learning how to correctly cite sources and stay clear of plagiarism.
In general, the students love this time. Research is a favorite topic here at Eastin.

Off subject, after school library time is coming to an end. The last day for after school library is May 4th. Soon all check out will end as we need to prepare the library for end of the year assessment of our collection.

Happy Reading

Friday, March 31, 2017

Spring Break

Spring Break begins April 3. Don't forget to take the time to enjoy a good book, learn something new on the internet, and spend time with your family.
The week that we get back from spring break we will be focusing our energy on research reports and computer skills.
TK and Kindergarten will be working on Typing skills. They will learn how the keyboard works and practice using two hands.
First Grade will be working on poetry and learning how to type a poem on a keyboard.
Second and third grades will be creating research reports on countries and/or book recommendation posters online.
Fourth grade are learning how to do a research report on a topic of their choice.
Fifth grades are creating state reports using various formats. They just finished learning about Powtoon. Some will learn how to get more out of Google Drive and others will choose to learn how to use different presentation models.

Everyone seems very excited to work on these special projects. It looks like April will be a great month.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Busy World in the Media Center

TK students are learning about Fairy Tales. They learn what the elements of a fairy tale are and they have the opportunity to look at some fairy tales in the media center.
Kindergarten is learning about the types of books offered in the library. We have looked at Rookie Readers. Now, we are starting to venture into or picture book (E Book) section and our nonfiction sections.
1st Grade is learning about folktales, tall tales, legends, fairy tales, and fables.  They have enjoyed comparing folk tales to fairy tales and have been excited to make connections to stories that they know.
All students in 2nd through 5th grade are readying themselves for research reports.
2nd and 3rd grades are building schema (their background knowledge making connections with new information).  They are learning to search for information using keywords and to save important pieces of knowledge.
4th grade is busy evaluating websites to decide what makes a website valuable or useless. They know that the best websites have sources and authors that are trustworthy and have bibliographies to back up their information.
5th grade is practicing Powtoons. This is a new format for presentations that is more animated than the traditional slides pages. Although this format can be challenging, the students are enjoying working with it.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

This week we are celebrating Read Across America!  Dr. Seuss' birthday is on March 2. Every year, schools across the United States celebrate his birthday by reading. Eastin Elementary School is no exception! On March 2 and 3 readers from our community will be coming to Eastin to share their love of reading. We are excited to welcome the Mayor, fire department, police department, members from BART, our city manager, people from our very own district office, several parents and even a school board member.
In our library this week, we will enjoy books by Dr. Seuss while we vote for our favorite California Young Reader Medal Books. What a wonderful way for us to enjoy reading!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Read Across America

Read Across America is coming. On Thursday, March 2 and Friday, March 3 Eastin Elementary will be celebrating the love of reading by inviting community members into the classroom to read. We are hoping that every classroom has a volunteer to read a book and share why reading is important for him/her. If you know an adult who is interested in reading to a class, please contact me (Laura Cox lcox@nhusd.k12.ca.us). 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Reading, Reading, Reading

Students in all grades are embarking on new adventures in reading.

The kindergarten students just finished creating books about the five senses. They loved making the Build a Books and are bringing them home this week.

The first through third grade students are reviewing what good readers do when they read. Good readers ask themselves questions about the text, they make connections to selves, world, and other texts, and they evaluate what they have read. They think about reading for information as well as read ing for enjoyment.

The fourth and fifth grade students are preparing for a project. They are discovering how to search for keywords, how to cite sources, and how to use nonfiction text features to find information efficiently.

Beginning next week, all students will take a break from this to enjoy the books nominated for a California Young Reader Medal. The students always enjoy this time, because it is an opportunity for them to choose their favorite books among five that we will read.

Coming in March is Read Across America. I will be looking for readers from the community to come to Eastin on March 2 or 3 and read aloud to a classroom. If you are interested, please contact me (Laura Cox) at 510-475-9630 ext. 60796.