Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Computers, Computers, Computers

What a fun month it has been!  Students are checking out many books.  All fourth and fifth grades check out two books each.  Second and third are checking out one to two books.  Even the first graders have begun to check out!!

We have also spent some time on the computers.  Fourth and Fifth graders have learned and practiced their login information for Google Drive.  Third Grade has been practicing their typing skills.  Second Graders have looked at the San Diego Zoo website to find favorite zoo animals.  First grade had their first checkout last week and learned how to use the computer for this purpose.

During the next two weeks the fourth and fifth grade classes will be practicing sending a note to each other and learning more about the Google Drive.  Some third graders will be creating a graphic organizer about themselves using Inspiration.  Second Graders will report on a zoo animal that they did online research about.  Some first grade will be working on ABC order and learning basic computer skills.

Remember that there is no school from December 23 through January 5.  Students return to school on January 6.