Thursday, January 15, 2015

Nonfiction Fun!

Students in all grades are gearing up for nonfiction reports. 
Fifth grade students have various research papers due.  They have been learning about plagiarism and how to cite their sources.  This is a very challenging topic. However, students have been very patient hard workers.
Fourth graders have been creating a report about a California Landmark/Place to visit.  They have used Google Slides to create their presentations.  Reports will be presented beginning next week.
The students in both second and third grade have been looking at nonfiction text features.  They are discovering how to quickly find information and to be efficient when using these nonfiction tools.
The first grade students are also learning about nonfiction text.  They are discovering the parts of a nonfiction book.
Transitional Kindergarteners are learning about animals as we read animal books, practice animal yoga, and create animal pictures.
Everyone is working hard at this time.