Thursday, April 14, 2016

April News

I can't believe that it is already April! This month has been full.  All students are working on amazing things.
Kindergarten: We are checking out books!  Kindergartners began to check out this week.  They borrow a book to keep in their classroom.  They know that next year they may get to bring books home. This year, we are practicing procedures and enjoying our books.
First Grade: We are learning about biographies and checking out books for animal reports.  Some of the students have begun All About books in their classrooms. They have checked out a book on the animal that they want to teach about.  Many others are learning about Biographies. They have been able to find them in the library and are appreciating the new section that has opened to them.
Second Grade: How amazing the second grade students are!  They are reviewing their knowledge of continents and oceans as they prepare for a continent report that they will be creating in the media center.
Third and Fourth Grade: Testing is upon us.  Third and Fourth graders are Hunting the Fact Monster. They are finding key words in questions and searching on the Fact Monster website for answers. This is great practice for when they have to read short articles and answer questions.
Fifth Grade: They have begun to create their state reports. Fifth graders are researching their states and beginning to create a Google Slide Show about the state. This year, they will learn how to embed a video presentation into their slide show.  They are anxious to learn this new add on!

Recently we participated in March Reading Madness. We discovered that we don't have some of the books that are considered to be amazing and were voted on into the next round. I have recently created a DonorsChoose project to purchase these books. It should be loaded soon.  Please consider making a small donation so that our library will have some of these books. The books will be used by all grade levels!!