Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Research Time is upon us!

This week we are gearing up for researching and learning new things. As 3rd through 5th grade begin testing, learning on the computer is something that they request to make the days enjoyable.
Kindergarten are enjoying books on CD. They are learning genres of stories and enjoying their experience checking out.
First, Second, and some Third grades are beginning research on insects. In first grade this just means learning how to find information in different sources and putting it together on a graphic organizer.  Second graders go the next step by transferring their information onto a poster and learning how to use word to add images. 

Some second grade classes will be using Google slides to make a presentation. Third grade is using what they learn and making a slide show that they will then present.

A few third grade classes are using Google Draw to create a book review poster.

Fourth grade are researching topics of their choice and creating a google slide show.

Fifth graders are working on a Google slide show or a Powtoons presentation about given states. They are learning how to correctly cite sources and stay clear of plagiarism.
In general, the students love this time. Research is a favorite topic here at Eastin.

Off subject, after school library time is coming to an end. The last day for after school library is May 4th. Soon all check out will end as we need to prepare the library for end of the year assessment of our collection.

Happy Reading