Thursday, January 19, 2017

Reading, Reading, Reading

Students in all grades are embarking on new adventures in reading.

The kindergarten students just finished creating books about the five senses. They loved making the Build a Books and are bringing them home this week.

The first through third grade students are reviewing what good readers do when they read. Good readers ask themselves questions about the text, they make connections to selves, world, and other texts, and they evaluate what they have read. They think about reading for information as well as read ing for enjoyment.

The fourth and fifth grade students are preparing for a project. They are discovering how to search for keywords, how to cite sources, and how to use nonfiction text features to find information efficiently.

Beginning next week, all students will take a break from this to enjoy the books nominated for a California Young Reader Medal. The students always enjoy this time, because it is an opportunity for them to choose their favorite books among five that we will read.

Coming in March is Read Across America. I will be looking for readers from the community to come to Eastin on March 2 or 3 and read aloud to a classroom. If you are interested, please contact me (Laura Cox) at 510-475-9630 ext. 60796.