Thursday, August 21, 2014

Welcome Back to School

Hello Students,

As I am sure you already know, our first day of school is August 27th.  I am looking forward to seeing you and sharing some great books, lessons, and computer sites this year.  I know you must have had dynamic summers and I can't wait to hear about the fun things that you have done.  We will be beginning our year with review of our internet safety.  This year we will have many more opportunities for online learning.  So, we are going to start off our year strong. 

I have recently discovered some awesome websites as well.  Here are a couple that may be interesting for you; has online games that help you practice reading, math and science skills and it is a lot of fun too!

On the site  you can find book suggestions based on what you have already read.  Just type in a favorite book and author and you will get ideas for similar books to enjoy.

Do you ever wonder if you can get sick from your dog or why grass is wet in the morning?  Well is a great website for anything you are thinking about and may not have the answer to.  It is a fun sight to explore and learn many new things!

I will be sharing many more sights and some Chromebook apps this year. 

See you soon!

Mrs. Cox