Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Busy World in the Media Center

TK students are learning about Fairy Tales. They learn what the elements of a fairy tale are and they have the opportunity to look at some fairy tales in the media center.
Kindergarten is learning about the types of books offered in the library. We have looked at Rookie Readers. Now, we are starting to venture into or picture book (E Book) section and our nonfiction sections.
1st Grade is learning about folktales, tall tales, legends, fairy tales, and fables.  They have enjoyed comparing folk tales to fairy tales and have been excited to make connections to stories that they know.
All students in 2nd through 5th grade are readying themselves for research reports.
2nd and 3rd grades are building schema (their background knowledge making connections with new information).  They are learning to search for information using keywords and to save important pieces of knowledge.
4th grade is busy evaluating websites to decide what makes a website valuable or useless. They know that the best websites have sources and authors that are trustworthy and have bibliographies to back up their information.
5th grade is practicing Powtoons. This is a new format for presentations that is more animated than the traditional slides pages. Although this format can be challenging, the students are enjoying working with it.

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